2 axis Camera Gimbals

2 Axis camera gimbals,suitable with multicopters and helicopters

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TwoDee EVO Mounting adapter
You can mount your TwoDee EVO to your frame with this adapter.No needs modification. Droidwor..
$ 11.00
Alexmos 3 Axis Brushless Gimbal Controller
 Alexmos 3 axis brushless gimbal controller is suitable with TwoDee EVO 3Dee,AURA and Aura 3..
$ 170.00
AURA Brushless DSLR Gimbal
CopterFrames AURA brushless gimbal has enough space for most of fullframe DSLR's like Canon 5D. ..
$ 640.00
Based on 10 reviews.
BaseCam SimpleBGC 32-bit Gimbal Controller
The controller can be used for building high-quality 3-axis camera stabilizing systems which can ..
$ 269.00 $ 209.00
DUET 2 axis Brushless Gimbal
Duet is a RTF gimbal for Gopro3.  Duet is already assembled and tuned for Gopro3 cameras..
$ 200.00 $ 160.00
DUET 2 axis Gopro3 Brushless Gimbal
Duet is a complete brushless system for DJI f450/f550 frames Duet comes almost ready to fligh..
$ 272.00 $ 230.00
SPHERIC  2 Axis Brushless Gimbal
   Spheric  is a multipurpose middle sized gimbal from CopterFrames.Suitable for s..
$ 489.00 $ 389.00
TwoDee EVO Gimbal
  This is the evolution  of  TwoDee camera gimbal.TwoDee EVO  has circula..
$ 259.00
Based on 23 reviews.
G.O.Mount adapter for DJI F550 frame
 This is a set for DJI F550 frames.  Kit includes: -G.O. Gimbal and mounting bo..
$ 119.00
G.O. Camera Gimbal
G.O. is a middle size camera gimbal from CopterFrames. You can choose mounting holes of  ..
$ 209.00
Based on 1 reviews.
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